Why Build Wealth
Written by Jenn Leydon on December 27th 2018
One topic I've been exploring lately is wealth. What is it and why go through all that trouble to build it? If you're living paycheck to paycheck could you possibly ever get a chance to stop working? Why go through all that trouble when you can spend now and be happy?...
Debt and Shame - Why You Shouldn't Beat Yourself Up About It
Written by Jenn Leydon on November 10th 2018
Debt happens in all forms, matter of fact its a way of life for 80% of Americans in each generation. Some say there's good debt and bad debt. I say if you're willing to sacrifice your future buying power, the debt you incur should have some form of return on it i.e. education, housing and transportation (if used to make income)....
3 Strategies to Pay-off Credit Card Debt
Written by Jenn Leydon on October  6th 2018
When you start talking to people and learning about their challenges, it becomes apparent rather quickly that they either need a lot of help planning and meeting their goals, a nudge to get them going in the right direction or something in the middle...

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